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April 24th, 2011. Easter Sunday.

Well maybe that’s not how it “started” but it was a definite game changer, not to mention quite the “surprise”

Let’s backtrack a bit.

It was a cold night in March, or was it a balmy night in early April I have no clue nor should you want to know. It truly was more like a car ride to Dallas, saying that I mean that is when the seed was planted in our heads.

Me: So I am having this random pain in my lower right side. Sorta stabbing and a bit unrelenting.
S: You are late right?
Me: Um, ya about 3 days
S: Hmm, followed by silence.

Okay may not have been total silence but there was some definite processing going on.

Next day I do what any 31 year old woman would do, I call my best friend who is states away and head to the store where I purchase not one, but two little white sticks. In the meantime I email boyfriend asking if he would like to be present for said experiment involving both urine and plastic. He says yes, and I may have a drink in my hand.

Fair enough as I would have liked to have had a drink in mine.

Because we are procrastinators we wait until the very end of the evening to see wherein our fate lies. In fact at this point my feeling that I will see the “yes” is so strong I really don’t need to see the answer.

I take it, I wrap it in toilet paper, I lay it on the bed in between the two of us. One little white stick with all the answers. We go back and forth for what feels like hours. Finally the paper is pulled only to reveal our answer:

“There it is”

Those may have been the only words spoken for the next half hour.

From that we cried a bit, talked a lot and slept next to none.

To be continued…