*Skipping ahead from the stick to the final weeks of the whole shebang. I promise to continue not only part 2 but as much of the last 9 months in as much detail as I can recall. Luckily I take a lot of pictures and write the husband a lot of emails. Let’s just hope I don’t encounter too much pregnancy brain along the way!

Week 38:

I am very pregnant and feeling it. Although my total weight gain has been low don’t think it makes this belly any less heavy or awkward. I still bump into to things and drop food on it constantly. And as much as I have loved having her right here I am ready to hug Scott stomach to flat stomach.

38 weeks and 2 days: As of today I am officially 12 days from my due date. She is guesstimated to be 7.5 lbs with everything in place and properly positioned for departure.

Due to all our heart monitoring visits we have gotten to see her little face quite a few times. I still can’t believe there is a little human in my belly. One that I have grown! Wrapping my mind around that is much more than I can process, especially as it draws closer and closer. My brain has one focus these days: Baby, Baby, Baby.
What do we still need? What I should be doing? She has to come out of me?! And what was I doing again? I have a full on case of “pregnancy brain”.

How am I feeling?: I go from energetic to flat-out exhaustion in no time at all. Then I find myself wondering should I be reveling in the final days of couch time? Or should I force myself to keep going and going? So far I have tried to find a balance of both. Getting out for lunches and errands like the grocery store etc but also spending time on the computer, watching TV and if need be, napping. I will say every night I go to bed thinking we could wake up at any time and then life as we know it will be forever changed.

I have also noticed a lower than even my lowered pregnancy tolerance for those around me. Most of this week I have just felt like most people I encounter are truly ignorant. They don’t know how to act and they really don’t know how to drive. Annoyance levels are at an all time high and almost no one is spared from my wrath. Then there are my demands. On more than one occasion I have told Scott I simply want him at my beck and call at.all.times. And as selfish and ridiculous as that is, he makes it happen.

Can’t say I have any cravings at this point. Not that I really have throughout the last 9 months. I will say my one main problem is when I see something, like brownies for example, I must have them. Then I am over it and can move forward. Cereal has also been a big winner. My favorite combination involves Ezekial cereal, soy milk, frozen blueberries (the key ingredient) topped with Cheerios. When nothing else sounds good that is my go to.

Signs of labor:
I have read through the signs enough to be aware but not paranoid. Most of said signs I am not feeling.

Dropping: I have not dropped, at least not noticeably. I had some random pressure like pain last night and thought maybe she had dropped but judging by my belly I would say she is still riding high.

Contractions: During my monitoring on Monday, my Dr told me I had contractions. Did I feel them? Not at all. Now I did notice a bit of a crampy feeling later that day. Was what I felt contractions? Maybe. I honestly have not figured out what Braxton Hicks are supposed to feel like.

I have opted out of being checked for dilation just yet. We are seeing a midwife group and they don’t check you unless you want them to do so. My thoughts are why know when it ultimately won’t change anything. You can be dilated for weeks with no action. No need to make me feel like more of a ticking time bomb than I am!

Baby odds and ends:

Ordered pink booties to go with her “coming home outfit”

Aches and pains:

Many. I can’t lay on the couch without having to be hoisted up. Just rolling over has become quite the ordeal and forget getting out of bed in the middle of the night without uttering the word “ow” multiple times. I also get short of breath while doing mundane things or sometimes nothing. Not too mention laying on my back for sonograms is a recipe for blackout disaster.

Not that it is all bad, tonight I decided to test out the belly as a soup holder.

Passed with flying colors.

Now it is off to bed for us, got to sleep while we still can!

Random quote of the day:
I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them. — Anne Rice