And still pregnant…

At 38 weeks a one of my doctors and midwives said “Okay, well if we see you back next week”

I thought to myself, “If?” This baby still has a week to bake, we still have a million things to do!

Although in the back of my mind I have been a ticking time bomb for weeks.

But this week, the idea she could come at any moment became VERY,VERY real. It also happens to be the same week as Christmas. So friends and family I send my apologies but most likely the only gift you will be receiving will be this baby. I simply can’t wrap my mind around tying up all the loose ends around the house and Christmas shopping. In fact I think it was just last week I realized Christmas was a mere week away.

This week when leaving our appointment, all I could think to myself was “If we are back next week”

Week 39:

I can’t say I feel any less pregnant! She has yet to drop but nonetheless things are just getting a bit more difficult. Little things like walking, breathing, getting dressed. You know, nothing that you have to do on the daily or anything. Thankfully I pretty much have the best husband on the planet. He is more than patient with me in many ways and trust me I am definitely requiring some patience.

We had our usual monitoring this week, nothing to report. She is doing well with her nose to my uterus!

Overall I am feeling quite nervous and somewhat anti-social. We have had several lunches out this week one of which was with Scotts co-workers but other than that I have been pretty content to stay in. I also think I am coming down with a cold. Which I would say seems rather ill-timed. I am still going to bed every night with the wondering of whether this could be the night. Limbo.


Other than being anti-social and not feeling up to par my mood has been okay. I have so much on my mind between the anxiety of giving birth and making sure everything gets done, I still can’t seem to carry on much of a conversation.
In short, if you are my friend I apologize for my lack of verbage and concentration.


Let’s just say, if I didn’t have to eat, I probably wouldn’t. Nothing sounds good, even worse, nothing tastes good and please don’t ask me to make a decision concerning food. If it were up to me I would eat cereal, chocolate chips and have an on call cook. It is somewhat like the first trimester where I don’t so much mind eating it but I don’t want to cook it.

Overall Signs of labor:

Zero. She likes her home.

I haven’t opted to be checked for dilation just yet but when I was measured, she did say I would probably be a few days late, so we will see how it all goes! She also checked her size and thought she would be on track to being well over 7.5 by the time she arrives.

Random baby items purchased:

Infinite. I truly have lost track. Although I think a Blabla doll and some Kate Quinn pants were amongst the haul.

Random gifted items:

Monogrammed onesie and blanket and a snowsuit.

Overall weight gained thus far:

11 lbs. My weight was actually done 3lbs this week but we discovered it was half shoes. The other half, I haven’t the slightest. My midwife actually spoke the words “Go have a milkshake”

Lady, I didn’t drink them before and I don’t intend to start now. I-Scream and a brownie however, now we are talking.

Vacation starts this week for Scott, so cross our fingers we are able to get some things accomplished before little one heads our way.

Like finishing the nursery..