Patience, They say it’s a wha-what?!


In case I haven’t mentioned it here, here and here.

I kind of love my boyfriend.

By kind of, I mean a lot.

He is the best. He is better than your boyfriend, he is probably better than you too.

Hey, I just call em like I see em.

He even puts up with my random whines and rants like a champ.

I know, me whine? Unlikely right?

Well, that’s were you’re wrong.

I am a very filtered person (sometimes) I can be very candid (when I want to) I like to get what I want (always)

Which leads us to the problem at hand.

Talking marriage. It seems to be something I am O-B-S-S-E-S-E-D with. I want it like a fat kid wants cake, like Charlie Sheen needs hookers.

It is not the marriage itself that is so attractive, in that I wouldn’t marry just anyone. It is more along the lines of I know what I want (this) now give it to me (please) for I have no patience (no kidding) when it comes to matters of the heart.

I talk big, but we all know where I am going and it is wherever he goes. Sound pathetic? I thought so too, then I fell in love.


I’ve got vodka, who could ask for anything more?

Days are mostly sunny here in this Texas sky
but today we don’t need to get out this bed no lie
Texas has bestowed upon us snow but why?
Why shouldn’t we all stay at home?!
It’s an excuse to spend the perfect day
Here with the boyfriend
On this random Tuesday
This is why I say:

I got ski socks, got Pandora, I got “boy.friend”
Who could ask for anything more?
I’ve got snow here, in this city
I’ve got “boy.friend”
Who could ask for anything more?

We’ve got neighbors.
They’ve got pizzas in their freezer right next door
We’ve got vodka.
We’ve got Ge-orge.
I’ve got “boy.friend”
Who could ask for anything more?

Old Man winter
We don’t mind him
we don’t find him
too often round our door

We got French fries
We got dogfish
I got “boy.friend”
Who could ask for anything more?
Who could ask for anything more?

I got ski socks
got my rain boots
I got “boy.friend”
Who could ask for anything more?
We’ve got hulu
at the Copelands
I got “boy.friend”
Who could ask for anything more?

Who could ask for anything more?!


Yes, BF, Mom, this is happening.

The rest of my afternoon looks something like this:

This afternoons project fueled by my good friend latte (nicely placed on our To Do list);

In case anyone is wondering the attire of choice is this;

Looks like someone needs to add clean the mirror, to her list of To Do’s.

Milk-y move

In effort to get more protein (per the BF’s suggestion) I have decided to invite milk back to my life.

See our relationship has been rocky. In fact one of my first memories of the white stuff may have involved vomit. After that I would only touch it, if it were ice-cold and carb laden. Drinking it straight, not on your life.

Well milk, I am giving you another shot.

Don’t blow it.

Hi I’m Maria


, ,

I have severe issues cutting cabbage.

It scares me.

Today at the store I suckered up to citrus fest.

Heres the problem, I never eat it.

I leave the refrigerator door open. Just because. I simply walk away, do what I need and come back.

I need a 12 step.

I like to make everything pretty. Food. Salt holders. Contents of said fridge. Then I take pictures. Lots of pictures.

The boyfriend bought me the best coffee pot last year

It’s basically art. Did you know making coffee in this requires patience? Patience at 7 am, no thank you.

I don’t eat pigs
Chopping on one however, perfectly acceptable behavior.

I often take pictures of random things.

Clearly, random should be replaced with food.

In sum, I’m Maria. I like to take lots of pictures. Food, people, animal, Santa. If you know me, consider yourself warned.

Just what the doctor ordered

I can’t get warm.

There is no sunshine.

I broke out my ski socks.

I’m wearing them as normal socks.

I myself, am kinda not so normal.

What else to do on a winter’s day?



Nothing says cheery like spending $___ at the stationery store.

Without disclosing the “worth” of this pile, lets say I am in the wrong business. And I won’t be buying groceries for a week, never mind putting gas in my car.

OK I could be exaggerating but everyone knows exaggerating is fun. Something I didn’t know till now, “exaggerating has not two but one x”

You learn something new every day.

Bonus; The above may very well be my favorite purchase.

Sharpie+Paint=Happiness. See it really is the simple things.

And it smells good too.